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About Us : ArcadeBomb (arcadebomb.com)


Arcadebomb started as a tiny website back in 2005, a small project created out of a hobby. In the early days you could find some simple flash games and many links to other websites at Arcadebomb. After several layout changes, and creating several small games for our clients, ArcadeBomb tried to obtain and keep more games under own licenses. Thanks to all publicity and support from our users, the growt of our portal has rapidly developed. We are not the biggest portal.. But we promise you to bring QUALITY FREE GAMING, whether there is 1 visitor or a 1000.

Our Mission

arcadebomb.com is committed to bring the best selected free online games to 'aid to' and 'share' with the online flash community. Flash games are rapidly turning into a commercial playground where we believe its important to keep all games FREE and advertisements to the bare minimum. You will never see any popups or tricky malware toolbars on Arcadebomb. We hate them too!


The arcadebomb team is responsible for operating our servers and pages, so that thouzands of users can play their free games with the greatest ease of use. We are continuously searching for improvements that we can make to our portal. We listen to our users feedback to further improve our free online game services.

Supporting development

Arcadebomb is active in flash game development and produce a small number of quality games itself. Arcadebomb also is a big sponsor of many indie developers, this way Arcadebomb hopes to support the people who are creating new and fresh ideas, to enjoy for thouzands of users, around the world.
Please use the 'contact us' link to reach us!

Have fun at Arcadebomb.com!

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Arcadebomb (founded 2005) the free arcade where you can play free online games, arcade games and some shareware games.
Our aim is to provide you with the latest free online games, freeware and download games, without the need to buy games.
Game policy: All free online games are copyrighted or trademarked by their respective owners or authors

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